Tsukiji fish market

I always tend to visit the local market in every destination I travel to. For me, exploring the market is not only a shopping experience but also the best way getting to know about the destination.

I came to Tokyo on winter, the tastiest time to visit Tsukiji fish market. It is the world’s largest, busiest fish market and a must-do in the city. Chuoku seems the best location for getting to Tsukiju market, especially when we have to be there before 6am to attend the last tuna auction. Unfortunately, I could not get a permission for entry though I came there twice and waiting in a long queue in the cold early morning. It really depends on how many people are going to turn up that day and limited to 60 people.

Despite of that failure, visiting Tsukiji market is really a sensory experience. At least, I learnt an interesting rule of displaying seafood here. Whole fish are often positioned with the eyes to the left and the tail to the right. That was also the first time I saw such a huge ocean tuna.

It is said that “If it lives in the sea, you’ll find it here at Tsukiji”. I was gawking at the variety of seafood on sale there, from the famous tuna and salmon to fishes I have never even heard of. And an experience of pursuing the market’s wet cobblestone passages in a fishy smell is worth for an early-winter-wake-up.

It is also said that no visit to Tsukiji is complete without a sushi breakfast. I had been waiting in another long queue to get a breakfast at the famous Sushi Dai. I was wonder if I was going to die in the cold of Tokyo winter morning. But, I did it, finally.