Dao Heuang market in Laos

Another market along my journey: Dao Heuang market in Laos.

It is perhaps the most quiet market I’ve ever seen. Speechless, I watched the buyers and sellers talking to each other with such a great kindness, as well as constantly showing a sincere smile upon their face. No arguments or anger. No one with a loud voice. I felt like a common understanding and a great respect existed between the locals. Market stands were so colorful and peaceful while the items were orderly arranged. As sellers used to pick out unused items to re-sell them, I was wondering who the sellers and the buyers actually were. Lao people are caring by nature, and any goods with poor quality won’t be found at the market.

Numerous metaphors have been used to describe life as a battle. But for Laotians, life has never been as easy as here in Laos. Lao PDR, or “Please Don’t Rush” is such a funny but a right way to describe the life in Laos. There, the atmosphere is very different compared to my country. This land lives in slow-motion, where locals seem to become one with the tranquil and wild nature and not to pay attention to the hours passing by.

In the early morning, I participated in a daily morning ritual of saffron-clad monks. I was so impressed by a long queue of monks, with their black alms-giving bowls. They were wandering along the street to receive offerings and sticky rice from the local people. As the first action of the day, each Laotian does not miss to give or make an altruistic act. I saw undoubted happiness in the faces of people I met there. Happiness counts more than anything else and the Lao people enjoy the present as if it was the last moment of their life.

When in Laos, I had learned a lesson of life. It is what we make it, always has been, always will be.


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